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So clinic today was really neat.

They will let me use my known donor, if he flies to Toronto to bank his sperm, has STI checks every time, and if they bank his sperm for 6 months. This is because of Health Canada standards. So, we'll buy semen from the bank in Toronto, to the tune of $400-$650/vial plus shipping. The IUI will be $325 which includes washing the sperm. They will allow me to use clomid through the cycles because they agree that I should be pregnant if things were working right.

I will have a trans-vaginal ultrasound to check my egg reserve, and I will have a HSG to ensure that I'm clear and don't have fibroids or a septum or something wrong with my fallopian tubes. They'll do bloodwork to screen for STIs (again), and to test for CMV and some other stuff.

One of the neat parts was when the doctor asked if my wife was planning on ever carrying, and we said ya, if it's medically ok (she's got cerebral palsy and is on medications for it that interfere with healthy fetal development), and she get get off her meds, she'd like to try. So they're going to do the trans-vag ultrasound and some bloodwork on her too. Lucky girl gets to skip the HSG for now.

I have a followup clinic appt in 6 weeks to discuss results. We have to pick a donor too, and deal with shipping and stuff. Any suggestions for donor choices?

So, more waiting. But at least we're finally into the clinic! And things will go well from here.

A frustration was that a friend told me this morning that he psychically knew that this run of the clinic wouldn't work at all. He has decided he is a wiccan priest and that he is precognitive and knew that this trip at the clinic would fail. I told him that we've never been to the clinic before and to get stuffed. He said that he's only right 85% of the time. But seriously, I mean, what kind of friend says that to someone who has been trying to get pregnant for 18+months?

I know he has no freaking idea, but it still upset me. I want so badly for this to work. I just have to have faith that it will.

My fertility doctor is fantastic. The bio on the website looks like she knows what she's doing. I'm excited. It's nice to have hope back.


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